Bless The Wind

by Ivan Drever



One of the great pleasures of this job is the chance to get to know, and work with different people. The album was recorded at Les MacPherson's Near Field studio, in Evanton, North of Inverness in March 2011. Les is one of these people I'd never met before, and we had a great time making the album. Paul Eastham, who kindly did all the keyboard parts for me is another. A great musician and, despite living at opposite ends of the country, thanks to modern technology, managed to get everything done quickly and easily. Andy Murray, my old sparring partner from Wolfstone played some great guitar and bass parts, Les did percussion, and my wife Linda added some vocals and voice overs.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to all the people above, to Les and his wife Margaret for their great hospitality, to my sister Isabel for not questioning our frequent visits and long stays. A huge thank you also to John Boocock and his wife Julia for all their help and kindness, without which the album may never have seen the light of day.

We hope you enjoy it, Bless The Wind!



released September 1, 2011

All songs written by Ivan Drever © 2011 MCPS
Orcadian Records ORCCD004
Album recorded, mixed and mastered by Les MacPherson at Near Field Studio Evanton Ross-shire.
Design by John Boocock.
Photographs by John Boocock and Linda Drever
Ivan's web page is at
Les's web page is at



all rights reserved


Ivan Drever Inverness, UK

Ivan Drever hails from Orkney in Scotland, he has recorded a host of albums both solo and with other performers. Having worked with the Knowe O’ Deil and as a solo artist, Ivan joined Wolfstone in 1990, their work saw them perform worldwide. Ivan’s songs and tunes have been recorded by an impressive list of artists. ... more

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Track Name: The Wordsmith
Battered weary, tired and torn
All the king's soldiers, the flowers and thorns
Hardened by battle and throw away dreams
Once bitten twice shy, like a king or a queen
Only the lonely sing their songs
Covered in glory, now all on their own

All the king's horses and all the queen's men
All the young dudes couldn't quite fathom when
All of the flowers were planted in spring
So wrote the wordsmith, who would be king

All kinds of heroes that ride in the rain
All kinds of hard men, feeling no pain
Kind hearted strangers are handing out love
Poppies on green fields strewn from above
Warmongering mongrels barking at war
Package and posted, straight to your door
Hand written poems maybe ready to sing
So wrote the wordsmith, who would be king
Lead filled balloons that fall straight to the floor

Congressional leaders can't chase any more
Cupboards with cocktails that burst at the seams
More rude awakenings in the middle of dreams
Half hearted reasons for not showing up
Drowning his sorrows from a big yellow cup
Clutching at moonbeams and what they might bring
So wrote the wordsmith, who would be king
Track Name: Crazy Some Days
You say what you mean
When you've lived the dream
And all of these memories are not what they seem
You move like the wind
I hear when you sing
I'm thankful for all of the love that you bring

But you're crazy some days
In so many fine ways
I just want you to know that it's real
And the strangest of days
Can be warm in the ways
I'm calling to tell you I feel, your heart
You're up and you're down
I know you'll come round
And all of these traits that are yours that I've found
and you move everyone
like the warmth of the sun
like a mountain in spring you will not come undone

We drifted apart
right from the start
And all of these dreams that come straight from the heart
It never seemed real
The way it would feel
And all of these memories that time would not heal
Track Name: If I Could
If I could look through my father's eyes
If I could see where he has been
And if I could take me away from here
And see all the things he has seen
If I could walk in his shoes
All of these legends he'd never tell
Through all of these times we could choose

If I could value your friendship here
If I could plough through the rain
All of these clouds would then disappear
If I could see you again
Ask me and I'd be there for you
Sure as the night turns to day
If I could wander this path with you
Through all of its different ways

If I could tell you a different tale
If I could look in your eyes
All of these memories we can hold
Through all of the truth and the lies
If you could drop me a line to say
Everything's going so fine
All of these hard times so far away
Hiding behind these good times

If I could saddle my horse again
If I could ride through the storm
Weather the hardship I saw in your eyes
Steer you away from the frown
If I could harness the rays of the sun
Warm up the chill in your day
If I could help you through stormy seas
In all of these turbulent ways
Track Name: Bring Me Down
First of a couple of tracks with a country feel. My mother and her brothers were all huge Jim Reeves fans, so I've been immersed in the music from an early age.

I had dreams, ideas above my station
I had words, I though that we could share
I had time when they said that I was wasted
But these dreams, these dreams
they're bound to to bring me down

We had nights I thought would never end, dear
You had a charm, I could only dream about
I had sores, blisters on my feet then
But these plans, these plans
they're bound to to bring me down

But like a knife plunged straight into my heart
Like a poor man asked to wear a crown
Like a blue note played upon a sad song
These dreams, these dreams
they're bound to to bring me down

Like a hope, I'd cling to you forever
Like a smile that only seemed to frown
But long the day, seemed only full of yearning
And these dreams, these dreams
they're bound to to bring me down
Track Name: Leon's Weary Eyes
Oh little tired child, where has your mama gone?
I can see it in your eyes you need to sleep
For the light is getting dim
And there is no one else around
And there are only silences to keep
Ah but just a little while you rest your weary eyes
And we'll take each morning as it comes
And if you fall asleep then we can wait for morning time
We can wait together for the sun

He is just a sleepy boy who's waiting for a brighter day
All his wishes waiting while he lies
And when his dreams come true
Then you will see him smiling through
But Leon needs to close his weary eyes

The light is fading fast and there is no one else around
There ain't no point in fighting it at all
For little guys they have to close their peeps as well you know
For little guys are one day walking tall

I'll wait a little longer til you close your weary eyes
We'll wait together til your papa comes
And you and grandpa Scotland
We can wait here in the warmth
You can close your eyes when the day is done
Track Name: A Hundred Ships
A hundred ships are sailing from a hundred different ports
A thousand dreams were scattered
From a thousand broken hearts
From the mountain in the North land
To the pebbles in the sand
So many of them travelling to a new and distant land

A hundred waters charted by a hundred of the wise
A thousand tears flow freely
From a thousand Highland eyes
From the cottage on the shoreline
To the croft upon the hill

When weary limbs were aching, I feel I see them still
And all you take away then you can give it back tomorrow
And all you feel will harbour ships for them
And all the days they thought about a new life without sorrow
And a hundred ships are waiting for you still

A hundred cold decisions by a hundred men did write
A thousand hungry mouths were left
With a thousand hungry nights
So travel from the Highlands, no place here for your kind
You must all away now and sail the ocean wide

A hundred hearts were beating
In a thousand different ways
A thousand weary people went a thousand separate ways
Like leaves in the wind they'll scatter
To many different lands
Like snowdrops gently falling
Through a hundred gentle hands
Track Name: All We Wanted
Tomorrow does not change
Circumstances stay the same
Will I lie a little longer, will I carry on this game?
I'm only forty nine, is this all, is this my time?
Is there no hope for us, for anyone
When they're on the dotted line?

All we wanted was to work
All we wanted was to share
All we wanted was a chance but they never really cared
All we wanted was a goal
All we asked for was a job
All we're given is the dole
Then told that that's your lot

Well they say that we're too old
And they say that we don't try
There's not enough to go round
And that we must be work shy
Heaven knows oh we have tried
Do they think this is a game?
As they lay us on the scrap heap
And all the excuses sound the same

So there's no more work for me
What about my youngest son?
What lies a head for him?
When the day of the working man is done
What right have they to say?
What chances have we got?
There are no jobs today
I'm sorry that's your lot
Track Name: Say It's OK
He wakes in the morning
And looks through his tired eyes
Runs through his pockets
To see what is left of his life
No need to see what goes on in the world
He's plenty of thoughts of his own to unfurl

Wouldn't it be nice to have peace
In your life like Brian said
Wouldn't it be nice to look back
And see the good times instead

he remembers the anger quite clearly
As he stretches down
And mama did nothing but she knew what was going on
He just needed someone to say it's OK
He needed acceptance when he felt that way

He lashes out heavy at those who would show him concern
He hits out in anger at friends who he thinks do him harm
Dazed and confused, he'll retreat in his shell
He doesn't come out 'cos he says he's not well

He's not welcome down at the beach any more with his band
The beautiful things that he's written they don't understand
He wouldn't conform to their laws and regimes
For his place was higher than all of their dreams
Track Name: Pledged To Another
There's a town far away where we met one day
Where her beauty enthralled me completely
It was love at first sight as we strolled through the night
Then I gave my heart to her completely

Oh we sang and we danced, there she left me entranced
And I thought that we never would part
But it was never to be for her eyes could not see
That another had captured her heart

With a tear in my eye, oh she bade me goodbye
Oh my love will stay with you forever
And when the day dawns my love she'll be gone
For her hand it is pledged to another

She once told me she cared for the love that we shared
And she swore that she'd ne'er let me down
But my heart it is broken, like promises
lie in pieces all scattered around

I'd have loved her forever, if we'd been together
I'd have given her all that I can
She's have been my dear sweetheart that I'd call my own
But she's pledged to another her hand
Track Name: If You Took Your Love Away
If you took your love away
Would I find you, find you on another day?
And, if you ran a mile from me
Would you listen, listen to what I say?

And, if the sun fell down
Would you smile, would you smile or would you frown?
Would you go or would you stay?
Would you still, would you still come back this way?

If I walked a thousand miles
Would I find you, would I find you waiting?
And if I stopped and looked for you
Would you hear then, hear just what I'm saying?

If you cared the way I do
Could we share a dream and see it through?
If the night was cold and grey
Would you help me find another way?

And if I asked you one more time
And I hoped, I hoped the sun would shine
Only time would answer then
Is this love, or am I blind?
Track Name: Bless The Wind
Bless the wind that took you here
Bless the wind that draws you near
Nature takes its time
Hark the herald angels sing
Stark the climate's chilly wind
Mark the Autumn's falling leaves
And the child that's born to run

Bless the Island's fertile land
Soft and gentle in the hands
Of those who seek to tend the soil
And watch the children run
Bless the sea that carries those
Who saw the sun shine as it rose
Shining down and giving grave
To the child that's born to run

Bless the artist's loving hand
Who shows how much he understands
nature works the way she will
'Cause nature takes her time
Bless the birth of mother's wing
Bless the gold upon the ring
That sits upon the hand of love
To the child that's born to run

Bless the gifts that shower us
All the gentleness and the trust
That manifests its way unto
The sweet days of our lives
Bless the wind that took you here
Bless the wind that draws you near
And all of those who have no fear
For the child that's born to run

And you bless the wind
When you hear her sing
And you bless, you bless the wind
Track Name: Give Me Your Sweet Heart
Send me your letters and I'll send you mine
My heart is weary, my heart will pine
And when you get lonely, drop me a line
Give me your sweetheart and I'll give you mine

Send my regards to the loved ones I know
Send them good wishes from me 'ere I go
Tell them I'm thinking about them 'oft times
Give me your sweetheart and I'll give you mine

For the days can be lonesome and the nights can be long
All of these roads we have travelled have gone
Tow hearts together beating in time
Give me your sweetheart and I'll give you mine

You looked so fine with your tresses so fair
I gazed at you with the wind in your hair
I knew I was smitten and had been for some time
Give me your sweetheart and I'll give you mine

It's hard when your world lies in tatters my friend
It's hard not to cry when it seems it will end
But don't get downhearted for I know it'll be fine
Give me your sweetheart and I'll give you mine